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The following is a list of Items available in the game Paranautical Activity.

List of Items

Name Description Effects
Adderall Speed up +1.15 Speed
Ammo Boost More superweapon ammo. +0.05DMG
Anchor Fall faster +5JH 1.5Gravity
Angel Wings Double jump
Armor Box Gives armor +[2-6]Armor
Battle opener Remove ammo cap
Beard Do more damage close up +((36-Distance)/100)DMG
Bloody Doubloon Items cost health
Blowfish Poison damage +1Poison Dmg -0.1DMG
Bombs Gives bombs +[2-6]Bombs
Bucket of Tar Full Ammo
Cannon Ball Damage up, Fire rate down +0.15DMG -0.1FR
Can of Beans Damage nearby enemies 4Radius 2Dmg/sek
Cherry Bomb Bombs explode into more bombs 1 + 4 Explosions
Coin o Fate You feelin lucky, punk
Compass Reveal map Reveals all upcoming floors too!
Dingy Smaller Floors ???
Evil Eye Projectiles Penetrate
Flip Flops Reduced lava damage You only take damage on acid/lava every 5 seconds
Fool Double damage You deal and take double damage!
Gaangus' Soul Inverts gravity when you jump
Gum Sticky Bombs Bombs stick to the hit target
Halo You start glowing
Health Box Gives health +[2-6]Health
Holy Water Full health
Hook Damage up
Horseshoe More loot!
Iron Heart Uncapped health
Kiss Of Death More damage! +0.15DMG
Lead Damage Up, speed down +0.2DMG -1Speed
Lighthouse Just when you thought is was all over If you fall to 1 HP you get 3 Armor. The effect recharges each time you have >1HP again
Lightning Bolt Move + shoot faster +1Speed +0.1FR
Magnet How does it work? MagnetRadius:48 Pulls all coins to you
MEGA Bullets Damage up +0.05DMG
Mushroom Y|Z scale to 0.5 Shrinks you down. Now you can crawl under small gaps
Mystery Box Random Items
Naval Training Damage + Fire Rate up +0.2DMG +0.2FR
Oar Control your jumps
Oil Can Damage Up
Piece of Eight Speed + Damage up +0.1DMG +1Speed
Piracy Bloody money You gain 25 Money each time you get hit
Poison Bombs Poison...bombs... +2BombPoison
Power Keg More powerful bombs 2BombDmg
Power of the Gods Random Powerup Gives you a random powerup
Rabbit's Foot More Powerup drops
Rage Damage up for killing enemies -0.01Rage/sec +0.025Rage/kill
Rum Boosts damage, fire rate, speed. Lowers health +0.1DMG +0.1FR +1Speed -3MaxHealth
Sail Increase mid-air speed +1.5JH InAir:???
Scissors Cut prices in half Halves all Item costs in the current and upcomming shops
Sea Legs Quick feet 3Speed
Shell Hearts before armor
Shield Lover More shield drops ???
Spinach Increased health, throw bombs farther +2MaxHealth +2CurrHealth
Spring Jump higher +3JH
Starfish Regrow Limbs Extra Life. When you die you restart your Stage
Tesla Coil Increased Superweapon Charge SWM=200
Trigger finger Fire rate up! +0.05FR
Vitamin C Health up +2MaxHealth +1CurrHealth
Winged Foot Move faster +1.5Speed
Zen Focus Longer Powerups 1.25Duration of Powerups

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